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Electrifying corporate fleets: The strategic shift
The shift to green

Corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability are driving companies to rethink their fleet operations by switching to EVs.

Navigating the transition

The key to adopting EVs is overcoming initial costs and infrastructure challenges. It requires analyzing ownership costs, using government incentives, and securing charging solutions.

Benefits of electrification

EVs dramatically lower emissions and operating expenses, boosting a company’s green profile and innovation standing. Their success relies on strategic vehicle choice and charging infrastructure investment.

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Powerful features for electric fleets

Electric Fleet Planner

We recognize the complexities involved in transitioning corporate fleets to electric. Our Electric Fleet Planner is designed to address these specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. It offers a suite of tools aimed at minimizing emissions, optimizing operational costs, and boosting fleet efficiency.

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Best-in-class technology and outstanding benefits
Icon of Customized electrification strategy

Customized electrification strategy

Adapting the electrification process to the diverse needs of corporate fleets.

  • Step-by-step EV integration plan
  • Selection guidance for the most suitable EV models
  • Coordination with charging infrastructure development plans
Icon of Operational cost efficiency

Operational cost efficiency

Reducing the total cost of ownership and operational expenses through optimized EV selection and charging infrastructure planning.

  • Significant savings on fuel and maintenance
  • Detailed TCO analysis for informed decision-making
  • Optimal charging strategy to minimize downtime
Icon of Achieving corporate ESG goals

Achieving corporate ESG goals

Positions the company as a leader in environmental responsibility, aligning with corporate social responsibility objectives.

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Calculating CO2 emission savings
  • Attracting and retaining eco-conscious stakeholders

Electric Fleet Operations

Volteum's Electric Fleet Operations platform is engineered to enhance the management and performance of corporate electric fleets. It maximizes efficiency, ensures operational reliability, and streamlines fleet management processes.

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Best-in-class technology and outstanding benefits
Icon of Efficient task management and range confidence

Efficient task management and range confidence

Boosting operational confidence with accurate range predictions and increasing job completion rates.

  • Smart routes for optimal EV usage
  • Enhanced accuracy in range estimates
  • Completing daily operational demands efficiently
Icon of Seamless integration of mixed fleets

Seamless integration of mixed fleets

Facilitating effective management of combined EV and conventional vehicle fleets, optimizing for both efficiency and environmental impact.

  • Route optimization for EVs and ICE vehicles
  • Leveraging EV strengths in suitable environments
  • Balancing fleet composition for current and future needs
Icon of Sustainability and compliance reporting

Sustainability and compliance reporting

Directly helping the realization of corporate sustainability goals through enhanced EV fleet management and utilization.

  • Lowering the fleet's carbon emissions substantially
  • Detailed emissions reporting and sustainability analytics
  • Aligning fleet operations with global sustainability benchmarks

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Discover how electric vehicle fleets are changing the game for corporate transportation. Read more about why adopting electric vehicles is essential for a greener future and how our products help businesses transition smoothly and economically.

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