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Fleet analysis

By evaluating your fleet's usage and travel patterns, we pinpoint exactly which vehicles are prime candidates for electrification. Whether you are equipped with telematics data or not, we provide clear insights on when and which vehicles to transition to electric.

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EV model selection

Whether it's passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, or heavy-duty trucks, we recommend the most suitable EV alternatives for your current vehicles based on our comprehensive fleet analysis. With over 150 data points per EV model, our suggestions are grounded in real-life aggregated data. We ensure a perfect match for your operational needs without relying solely on standard range estimates.

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Charging infrastructure planning

Leveraging our comprehensive analysis of your fleet's energy requirements, usage patterns, and depot locations, we plan the optimal charging infrastructure for your EV transition. This includes assessing the available power supply at each depot and determining the precise number and type of chargers needed for your fleet’s efficient daily operation. Our detailed planning ensures that each vehicle is charged effectively, considering the number of vehicles, charging times, and duration, tailored specifically to each depot's needs.

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TCO calculations

Combining insights from your fleet and charging infrastructure plans, we provide a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation for electrification. Utilizing your unique data alongside our extensive database, we accurately estimate the costs of transitioning to electric vehicles based on current market prices. This enables fleet managers to make informed decisions about which EVs to select and the optimal timing for replacements, ensuring a cost-effective electrification strategy.

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We help to understand the financial and sustainability benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles. We provide detailed reports that offer precise figures and data, and summarize the financial savings and environmental impact of the electrification journey. Our accurate data analysis ensures firm decisions that align with your goals and positively contribute to a sustainable future.

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Save time and resources

Streamline your operations with quick, automated insights.

  • Electrification plan in 10 minutes
  • All necessary data in one reliable place
  • No manual research
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Secure and safe EV transition

Transition smoothly with our comprehensive support.

  • No disruption in future EV operations
  • Latest EV market data
  • Minimizing manual errors
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Personalized fleet solutions

Personalize your EV transition to unlock your fleet's full potential.

  • Recommendations based on your current fleet usage
  • Country-specific data
  • Fully customizable TCO calculation

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Corporate fleets: Driving sustainable business practices

Reach your corporate responsibility goals with our comprehensive electrification software. Select the optimal EVs and charging infrastructure to meet your sustainability objectives without compromising operational needs.