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Data-driven EV fleet transition made simple

Let our software guide you in selecting the perfect electric vehicles for your fleet, strategically deploying chargers, and clearly understanding the costs and sustainability benefits. Boost efficiency and savings on your electrification journey with our user-friendly and customisable software solution.Check the full feature list here
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Optimise your last-mile deliveries with electric vehicles

Our advanced solution calculates the exact charging needs for each EV, streamlines routes and charging times, and assures timely, cost-effective deliveries. Lower your fuel consumption, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with our tailored solution.Read more about our last-mile use case

Efficient route planning and navigation for electric fleets

Harness the power of our precision software to calculate optimal routes considering vehicle range, charging station availability, and traffic conditions. Maximise your EVs' range, minimise charging times, and operate more cost-effectively.Learn more about our route planning feature

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We help companies operate their fleets of electric vehicles with the highest possible utilization in the simplest and cheapest way. How do we do that? Let's learn it in 4 steps.

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