Electric Fleet Operations

Optimized operations
to eliminate range anxiety and lower costs

EV range simulation

Unlock precise range estimates for your electric vehicles with our advanced EV Range Simulation. By leveraging our expansive database of approximately 600 vehicles, we precisely calculate consumption under varying conditions—factoring in elevation, traffic, weather, road conditions, and vehicle accessory use. This feature provides realistic simulations for actual vehicles and routes, ensuring you receive the most accurate range predictions to optimize your fleet's performance.

Image of EV range simulation

Route optimization

Streamline your daily operations with our Route optimization feature, designed to maximize the utilization of your electric fleet. We organize routes based on what can be achieved in a day, ensuring addresses and jobs are sequenced for optimal EV usage. Our sophisticated algorithms also account for energy consumption during route planning, guaranteeing that your EVs operate within their optimal range while completing the most tasks efficiently.

Image of Route optimization

Charging schedule optimization

Our charging schedule optimization feature seamlessly integrates with prior analyses to craft an efficient charging plan—determining when, which EVs, and for how long to charge. This strategic approach ensures operational efficiency, even with limited charging infrastructure, by prioritizing vehicle charging needs and accommodating ad hoc requirements. Benefit from optimized operations through intelligent vehicle prioritization, ensuring every EV is charged and ready for its next route.

Image of Charging schedule optimization

Mixed fleet planning

As we transition towards electric mobility, mixed fleets of conventional and electric vehicles will play a crucial role. Recognizing that some jobs may not yet be feasible with EVs due to current technological constraints, our tool adeptly manages both vehicle types in unison. It optimizes routes considering EV charging needs, range limitations, and job suitability—ideal for urban environments where EVs excel in efficiency and branding. This ensures that your fleet operates optimally, leveraging the strengths of both conventional and electric vehicles for up to the next 10-15 years.

Image of Mixed fleet planning

Fleet tracking

Track the state of charge for each vehicle, schedule charging sessions, and identify which vehicles need priority charging—all from a unified dashboard. Managers can visualize their entire fleet's status on a map by integrating charger and vehicle data. The system automatically adjusts to any issues, allowing for manual intervention when necessary. The tool also notifies fleet managers about completed tasks and charging sessions, or sends warnings and alerts, if something is not happening as it is planned. This ensures fleet managers maintain complete oversight, keeping operations smooth and efficient.

Image of Fleet tracking
Best-in-class technology and outstanding benefits
Icon of Precision in performance

Precision in performance

Enhance fleet efficiency with unmatched precision in EV operations.

  • Realistic EV range prediction
  • Efficient route optimization
  • Real-time control on your EVs
Icon of Simplified operations

Simplified operations

Streamline your fleet management, focusing on what matters most.

  • Automated charging schedules
  • Eliminate range and charging concerns
  • Manage EVs and ICEs together
Icon of Cost and energy efficiency

Cost and energy efficiency

Minimize charging expenses and boost fleet utilization effortlessly.

  • Lower overall operational expenses
  • Optimized EV charging times
  • Enhanced fleet utilization and availability

Providing a powerful tool for everyone

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Optimize your corporate fleet with our tailored solutions. From EV range simulation to mixed fleet planning, ensure your company vehicles are efficiently utilized and environmentally friendly, meeting both operational needs and sustainability goals.