Insights from Global Fleet Summit 2024: On the road to sustainable fleet management

Jun 02, 2024 · 6 min read · event

In May, we attended Global Fleet Summit 2024 in Cascais, Portugal, as Platinum Partners. This year’s theme, “Road to Sustainability,” underscored the urgent need for fleets to transition to more sustainable practices, particularly through electrification.

In this blog post, we share our experiences and insights from the summit, offering a detailed look at the event’s highlights and its significance for fleet managers and industry leaders.

An inside look at Global Fleet Summit 2024

Global Fleet Summit (GFS) is held annually, and for the last three years, it has taken place in Cascais, Portugal. This year’s venue was the Hotel Miragem, offering a beautiful panorama of the ocean. In 2024, the summit marked its 12th edition with the motto “Road to Sustainability.”

The attendees primarily included global fleet managers and directors responsible for managing and monitoring company fleets at an international or regional level, such as Europe. Unlike trade shows, Global Fleet Summit is a conference with only diamond sponsors having booths, around eight in total. The event features a large conference room for sessions and a spacious networking area where attendees can discuss topics during breaks. GFS spans three days:

  • Day 1: The event starts with a lunch for global fleet managers, followed by a roundtable where solution providers introduce their products and learn about the most pressing issues and challenges faced by fleet managers.
  • Day 2: This day is packed with panel discussions and presentations on various topics. Notably, the executive panel this year featured only women for the first time, representing the largest leasing providers. The day concludes with a gala dinner, providing a great networking opportunity.
  • Day 3: The final half-day focuses on panel discussions for each continent/region (APAC, AME, NA, etc.), highlighting regional characteristics.

Although the summit is smaller, with around 300-400 attendees compared to the Fleet Europe Summit's approximately 800 attendees, it creates a great atmosphere for exchanging and sharing experiences.

Why Global Fleet Summit is a must-attend for industry professionals

Global Fleet Summit is one of the most relevant events where global fleet managers and solution providers can meet, discuss their experience, share best practices, and learn about the newest technologies. The event attracts the biggest telematics companies, such as Geotab, Wialon, Targa Telematics, and Lightfoot, as well as major leasing and rental providers like Ayvens, Arval, Enterprise, Leasys, and Sixt.

The panel discussions offer valuable insights into the biggest challenges faced by fleet managers and their achievements in fleet management, EV transition, and more. The international atmosphere of the summit allows attendees to connect with fellow global fleet managers, providing an opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences in their current goals.

The event also gives a great perspective on the current status, readiness, and requirements of different continents and regions, making it an essential venue for staying updated on global fleet management trends and innovations.

Key takeaways from Global Fleet Summit 2024

This year’s main topic was indeed sustainability and how fleets can transition to electric vehicles. The overall sustainability goals set for 2030 or 2035 are challenging for many countries, and while regions like Europe show significant progress, other areas are less developed in this regard, making the EV transition a critical issue for the coming years.

A major takeaway from the summit was the emphasis on the affordability and availability of electric vehicles: fleet managers highlighted that the high cost of suitable battery-powered vehicles is the biggest obstacle to electrification, while issues such as public and workplace charging were considered less critical.

Moreover, fleet managers expressed concerns about potential government mandates for fleet electrification, indicating a preference for voluntary transition supported by cost-effective solutions. The discussion also stressed the importance of greenhouse gas accounting, data transparency, and standardized carbon reporting within the supply chain as integral parts of fleet sustainability strategies.

Our experience at Global Fleet Summit 2024

This year Volteum joined Global Fleet Summit as a Platinum Partner, and we had an incredible time. On Monday, our CEO, Zsofia Toth and CTO, David Kertesz, shared their insights about fleet electrification and EV fleet management during the Round Table discussions. On Tuesday, Zsofia participated in a panel titled “Expert Q&A - Charging” with Güliz Alkaya from Shell and Patrik Havranek from ISS A/S, where they discussed topics on EV charging, fleet management, and operations. Over the three days, we gathered numerous insights and experiences, making these some of the most intense and informative days of the year. Three key insights emerged from our discussions:

  • Global ambition: Companies need to set ambitious, global goals for electrification. Transitioning to electric vehicles is not just a trend but a crucial step toward sustainable mobility on a global scale.
  • Local execution: While our goals are global, the execution must be tailored locally. Each market has its unique challenges and opportunities, requiring strategies that consider local regulations, infrastructure, and consumer behavior.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Electric vehicles can offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to traditional vehicles. Achieving these cost savings, however, requires careful planning and a strategic approach to the transition.

The summit highlighted both the challenges and the significant opportunities that come with fleet electrification, and reinforced our commitment to supporting companies in their electrification journeys, ensuring every step is strategic and impactful.

We look forward to continuing our participation in future events, staying at the forefront of industry trends, and driving the shift towards sustainable fleet management. If you have any questions or need guidance on fleet electrification, our EV experts at Volteum are here to help - book a slot and talk to us via the link below!

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