Commercial Vehicle Show 2024: Decarbonization, electric fleets, and industry networking

May 09, 2024 · 5 min read · event

In April we attended the Commercial Vehicle Show 2024 in Birmingham, and in this blog post, we share our first-hand experiences from the event, offering an inside look at the exhibitions and discussing its significance for industry professionals.

An inside look at CVShow 2024

The Commercial Vehicle Show - or CVShow - is the largest and most comprehensive road freight transport, distribution, and logistics event in the UK held at the National Exhibition Center (NEC) close to Birmingham Airport. With easy access from the airport and accommodation options nearby, the venue setup made it easy for attendees to navigate the event. The NEC area not only hosted the Show but also offered additional conveniences, which provided attendees with a well-rounded experience, balancing professional engagement with leisure opportunities within a short walking distance. Although smaller than before the pandemic, the show still attracted a large audience, especially on the first two days.

The exhibition this year emphasized the industry's push towards decarbonization and the integration of electric vehicles into commercial fleets. Over 300 exhibitors participated, ranging from prominent heavy and light commercial vehicle manufacturers to innovative fleet management technology providers and vehicle equipment specialists. Unlike many industry events, the Commercial Vehicle Show offered free admission, which included access to a series of seminars that were conducted across the first two days. These sessions featured approximately 8-10 detailed presentations and fireside chats that explored the latest advancements and strategic directions in sustainable transport.

Why CVShow is a must-attend for industry professionals

CVShow continues to be an essential event for anyone involved in the commercial vehicle industry. As the largest event in the UK solely dedicated to commercial vehicles, it provides a unique platform for fleet owners, transport managers, engineers, and procurement professionals to network and share knowledge. The presence of influential manufacturers and a wide array of exhibitors ensures that attendees can engage with key decision-makers and industry leaders.

Major exhibitors included well-known names such as Ford and Harris Maxus, who both featured large displays and a significant number of vehicles. Other notable participants included heavy vehicle manufacturers like Renault Group, Scania, Iveco, Isuzu, and Mercedes. In addition to vehicle OEMs, the show was well-represented by telematics companies such as Samsara, Webfleet, VUE Telematics, and Fonix Telematics, as well as routing and TMS providers like Podfather, Routemagic, PTV, and Qargo. Leasing providers such as Fleet Operations (Traxall UK), ALD Leaseplan, and Alphabet also showcased their solutions.

The comprehensive seminar program at the show covered current challenges and future directions for the industry, with a particular focus on the shift to net-zero emissions. This rich blend of exhibits and educational content makes the CVShow a critical venue for professionals aiming to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

Key takeaways from CVShow 2024

This year's Commercial Vehicle Show was dominated by discussions on the electrification of heavy-duty and commercial vehicles, reflecting the UK's strong focus on reducing vehicle emissions and the operational costs associated with them. Various models of electric trucks were showcased by different OEMs, illustrating that heavy-duty electrification is no longer a future concept but a present reality. The electrification of vans and commercial vehicles was especially prominent, driven by the impending UK Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, which underscores the significant emission and cost reductions achievable in this sector.

Key discussions at the show explored the integration of electric vehicles into commercial fleets, highlighting the operational shifts necessary for this transition. Topics covered included the challenges of decarbonizing fleet operations, developing an electrification strategy, addressing the operational challenges of electric vans, and the strategic planning required for effective EV integration. These conversations emphasized the need for tailored solutions and advanced planning for fleets transitioning to electric mobility.


As we reflect on another insightful year at the Commercial Vehicle Show, it’s clear that the industry's shift toward sustainable transportation aligns perfectly with our mission at Volteum. Attending this event annually allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, ensuring that we can offer our clients the most effective end-to-end solutions for fleet electrification. The discussions and exhibits from CVShow 2024 not only reinforce our commitment to this transition but also enhance our capabilities to support our clients through every step of their electrification journey. We look forward to continuing our participation in the years to come, driving forward together towards a more sustainable future.

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