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Application integration

Volteum can be integrated as an application in telematics systems.
Our UI surface is used by the partner company in this case.
Already available in GEOTAB >

API integration

Volteum can also be integrated by API connections in your currently used telematics provider or fleet management software. You can check our API documentation if you want to take a look at our solution. API documentation >

Stand-alone solution

No telematics system in place? Our stand-alone solution lets you use the Volteum web application and the Volteum mobile application for fleet management and optimization tasks.

Best-in-class technology and outstanding benefits

Data-driven vehicle selection

Utilize analytics and data science to make informed choices about the right electric vehicles for your fleet.

  • Tailored recommendations backed by data
  • Detailed EV database
  • Customizable according to fleet specifics

Optimal charger deployment

Strategically deploy charging stations based on your fleet's specific needs and travel patterns.

  • Data-driven placement strategy
  • Compatibility with various charging station types
  • Cost-effective and efficient charging station usage

Total cost of ownership and sustainability analysis

Gain clear insights into the costs, savings, and environmental benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles.

  • Detailed cost breakdown
  • Estimated savings
  • Local CO2 emission savings

Range simulation for energy requirements

Precisely calculate the energy requirements of each EV in your fleet and simulate their range.

  • Accurate energy forecasting
  • Adaptive to changing conditions
  • Based on real-world data

Charging schedule optimisation

Schedule charging sessions to maximise utilisation time and optimise charging infrastructure usage.

  • Efficient charging schedules
  • Reduced downtime
  • Peak demand management

Comprehensive fleet statistics

Get an overview of your fleet's operations, including mileage, usage, and CO2 emissions, with a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Real-time fleet status
  • Detailed performance metrics
  • Environmental impact tracking

Extensive EV and charging station database

Access a comprehensive database of electric vehicles and charging stations.

  • Over 400,000 station data
  • Selected network routing
  • Live occupancy data

Live data aggregation and analysis

Leverage real-time data from vehicles and charging stations to optimise fleet operations.

  • Live data feeds
  • Accurate analysis and insights
  • Adaptive routing based on real-time data

Customisable optimisation settings

Personalise optimisation settings according to your fleet's specific needs for more efficient operations.

  • Flexible optimisation settings
  • User-defined priorities
  • Adaptive to changing fleet needs

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